We are a Small Batch Distillery making Gins, Vodkas and ultimately releasing what we hope will be a unique Rum.

Our vision is to be: A spirit brand loved and embraced as their own by our local community that embraces us due to our Zero Waste policy and support of local businesses. We are a privately owned Micro Distiller based on the Redcliffe Peninsula and we aim to be zero waste with our waste from the production going to local farmers in the Moreton Bay region. It is also our intention to be 100% renewable energy when we reach full production.

Our distillery will produce high-quality Rum and Gin. Our products are unique in the market due to our engagement with the Moreton Bay community to create a local distillery catered to the community. We will build on the Moreton Bay community engagement to expand nationally in the longer term differentiation.

PHotos by Ashley van Praagh

How we came about and our Journey The idea to start a Distillery from the ground up came about in late 2020 when a crazy Asian (aka Noodles) contacted his even crazier Aussie/Dutch mate (Fluffy) with the idea of starting up a Distillery concentrating Rum as there was only a handful of distilleries in the SEQ area doing this. Given they had known each other for 30years, what could go wrong????

This new concept was intended to take them into their early retirement years and keep them occupied, but maybe not necessarily keeping them out of trouble given they were both crazy. 

Hence the journey began in early 2021.

Fluffy had already been playing around as a home distiller making his own and somehow managing to survive. He then undertook a “Fundamentals of Spirit Production” with Adelaide University and an online self-paced course through the Distillers Institute. Along the way he acquired the components to build a bigger still, cleared out his 6m * 3.5m home shed and started acquiring bigger fermenters and associated equipment to ensure that he had the skills and knowledge to implement the theory he was learning. During this time the two crazies realised they needed better premises if they were going to make the big leap and Fluffy approached his crazy Spaniard buddy to join them as he had an industrial shed.

A lot of experiments and R&D later and a hiatus in mid/late 2022, they finally finished the bones for a Business Plan and completed the necessary paperwork to apply to the authorities for the correct licenses to be make the jump from Home Distilling to a fully fledge legal Distiller.

On the morning of 23rd February 2023 the authorities approved our application and granted the required licence to Manufacture, own a still greater than five (5) litres, bond store, etc.

Now the real work starts, and we invite you to join us on our journey as we now move to the next stages with our R&D for Rum, and Gins and Vodkas, seek local council approval for the industrial premises and our QLD licence to sell our products.

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